Hi, I am Whitney Parker; I am a retired real estate agent that has lived in Dallas almost all my life. I am a mother of two who enjoys reading, blogging, taking nature walks and most importantly, I am in love with guacamole! I believe it’s the soul of every meal. You can literally have it with anything. The bottom line is, I love food and food loves me.


This blog is my little haven where I discuss anything. I talk about the good, the bad, the ugly and most importantly, about healthy foods. Before I got into the nitty-gritty of healthy diets and how you can keep fit while eating almost anything you want, I would like to share my story of how I gained weight which proved to be a nightmare.


I wasn’t always a foodie until I was around 14 when my aunt Perris visited for the summer. To date, I have not come across anyone that can prepare meals as good as hers. She inspired me to take cooking lessons. Come to think of it, if I wasn’t a real estate agent, I would have been a professional chef. ell prepared delicious meals’ are her mantra, the same applies to me.


Growing up, like most girls, I always obsessed about becoming a model. Well, until I was 14. I was always so cautious about what I ate and always watched the amount of food served on my plate. I remember my mum warning me about my persistent and unbecoming habit, she always told me to be careful for if I wasn’t careful, I would anorexic. However, what seemed like lifetime behavior took a twist in the summer of 1979.


My favorite aunt kept her promise to visit and finally, she was home. I thought I knew so much about her. To be fair, I was surprised to discover a bunch of other stuff I did not know about her. One of them was that she was a chef who had worked for several 5-star hotels in Africa. Among them is Serena Hotel in Kenya. The little time she spent in Africa enabled her to learn of new African recipes.


To cut the story short, I developed a new interest which turned out to be my new hobby, cooking and eating. Aunt Perris and I would spend hours cooking. If we weren’t in the kitchen, we were at the farmers’ market looking for spices and other supplies for my newfound hobby. Everybody seemed to like the new me. My mum was pleased that I was eating without holding back, dad was amazed and surprised that I was now spending a lot of time at home.


As for my brother, he felt like a king. He was not accustomed to being served various dishes that were so delicious. In fact, he wasn’t ordering takeout food anymore.   What I did not realize was that I was gaining weight without caring much about the issue. I noticed that I could not fit into my dresses but I never worried about that. I was having the time of my life learning new kitchen tricks and eating meals fit for a king! I slowly forgot about my modeling dreams.


To date, I never understand how I forgot about my childhood passion so fast. A few months after summer, I had gained 33lbs. I now weighed 169lbs. Some of my friends at school teased me. For a while, I thought I wasn’t unbothered but the truth is that I was. Deep down, I was hurting. I felt unwanted and disrespected. It hurt so much. Constant harassment and stares were eating me up like a corrosive acid.


I stopped going out frequently for fear of ridicule. The irony is that instead of watching my weight, the more I eat. The more time I spent at home, the more I cooked and stocked food in the fridge. Eventually, if met the love of my life, Billy, who loved me as I was. I thought I stopped caring about public opinions. However, this was a beautiful lie I convinced myself with every now and then.


Going through my first pregnancy is what really triggered me to take action on my weight. I was only 26 and was weighing 256lbs! I craved for many different kinds of food which I could cook any time I wanted. All I needed were the ingredients.


After giving birth to my firstborn, Chucky, I had vowed to lose weight. Determination to lose weight helped a lot in my weight loss journey. I tried all kinds of methods from taking supplement pills to exercising. However, I was still I still regaining the few pounds I lost after a few months. That is when I decided to adapt to a strict dieting program.


To date, I think that is the best decision I ever made in my life. It helped me accept myself for who I am, a foodie. It also helped me lose weight as I ate my favorite meals without fasting.


Dieting has worked wonders in my life. I am now 160lbs. I am a living testimony that you can eat your favorite foods and still keep your weight in check.