My favorite pizza is California style. I believe it is always nice when you can bring a favorite from your unhealthy lifestyle into your healthier lifestyle. Nutrisystem brought one of our family’s favorite flavor combinations to us with their introduction of the chicken and Bacon Ranch’ Pizza. It is reminiscent of the kid’s favorite Dominoes order, Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwiches. And with two preparation methods, this is a great meal for a busy family. You can microwave for a quick meal, ready in just a few minutes or stick in the oven for a slightly longer wait time but crispier crust.

Composed of a golden crust covered in cheese, garlic chicken, bacon, fire-roasted tomatoes, spinach and a garlic-ranch sauce. With 290 calories, 19g of protein and 3g of fiber, this meal will fill you up. Just be aware that this entrée contains egg, milk, soy, and wheat. If you have any of these common allergens, you will want to steal clear. But if chicken and Bacon Ranch’ does not appeal to you, Nutrisystem also offers an Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza, a Margherita Pizza, a Thick Crust Pizza and an Italian Herb Flatbread Pizza. In my experience and that of the reviewers, cooking the pizza in the oven gives you the best taste. We sometimes add additional toppings just to spice it up.

My boys prefer to add more cheese, while my daughter and I tend to add more chopped vegetables, which have so many benefits. We have added mushrooms, zucchini (my personal favorite,) additional tomatoes and bell peppers. It can be a lot like building your own pizza night with everyone having their own personal size pizza. Another option is to cook them in an air fryer. I have not tried this personally but my friends who have had good results.

My only wish is that there was an option for more than single serve portions. There is something community building about sharing a pizza. But we make it work with the single serve size. With the discovery of the Nutrisystem chicken and Bacon Ranch’ Pizza, our Friday night pizza and game might have changed. We no longer have to call and wait for the pizza to be delivered. And all eat the same kind of pizza. Now everyone gets to create their own pizza, or at least heat up their own favorite. The nice thing is that we can cook several in the oven simultaneously. While those that like a softer crust use the microwave. Then we settle in for a night of card games, board games and sometimes even puzzles.

These days our favorite game is Ticket to Ride. Game night and pizza have been our family tradition for years. It evolved from the pizza and movies when the kids were younger. The Nutrisystem pizzas have given this more health-conscious mom a way to continue the tradition. And the kids love getting to have their Dominoes favorite Chicken Bacon Ranch flavor on a more regular basis! If you get the chance, I highly recommend sampling the Nutrisystem pizzas, most especially the chicken and Bacon Ranch’ Pizza option!