Have you ever imagined eating chocolate for weight loss? I know it sounds ridiculous to many and even I used to believe the myth that a person aiming to lose weight should never think about chocolates. I can understand that you may already be craving for some amount of those delicious chocolatey bars and worry not because after reading this review, you will be able to eat chocolates without feeling guilty about it.


After trying a large number of dieting techniques to control my eating habits, I realized that it was immensely frustrating for me to refrain from eating what I like for losing weight. I arrived at diet friendly alternatives which could substitute a large number of boring meals but it was those chocolate bars which surprised me the most. Over time, I have tried a large number of delicious options to replace the conventional chocolates although I have to warn you that some bars tasted quite bad while many simply left me craving for more chocolate.


The thin mint crisp offered by Nutrisystem is one of my favorite snacks due to a variety of reasons. It looks tempting coated with chocolate and fudge while giving out a mouth watering peppermint smell. This frozen snack is completely vegetarian and even diabetic people can enjoy it without worrying about any health issues. Rich with nutrients, this bar contains just 4 grams of total fat while providing an astounding 9 grams of protein, 5 grams of dietary fiber and 150 calories on consumption.


The ingredients of this chocolate bar consist of chocolate flavored milk coating, soy crisps, polydextrose, evaporated organic powder of cane juice, corn syrup, fructose, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, isomalto-oligosaccharide, sea salt, glycerin, soy lecithin, soy protein isolate, cocoa liquor, monk fruit extract, peppermint oil and stevia extract. The product is produced by a facility in Canada which also processes peanuts, wheat, egg, and tree nuts. You can further check the ingredients in detail at Nutrisystem’s official website before ordering this snack to avoid any allergic reactions.


There is no preparation method for this crisp chocolate bar since it is ready to eat. I find this snack quite appealing due to its chewiness along with a balanced taste of chocolate and mint. The taste of this snack by Nutrisystem is very similar to thin mint cookies sold by Girl Scouts although many of my friends complained that the mint was excessive or that it overpowered the taste of chocolate. I also like to relish the fudge texture with the chocolatey taste.


One thin mint crisp is enough to suppress and satisfy my chocolate cravings while it is filling enough to manage my hunger for a couple of hours. However, I won’t advise you to have this snack when you are extremely hungry or on an empty stomach as this is light snack and not a full fledged lunch or dinner meal.


Normally, I keep one or two chocolate bars along with me to get quick nutrition and energy on the go if I start feeling hungry. With the Nutrisystem promo code for 2018, Nutrisystem is pretty affordable.