Can you imagine having a burger on a diet? If you are planning to lose weight efficiently and stay fit over the long run then the answer is yes. Previously even I used to be under the impression that either it was health or pizzas and burgers. After struggling miserably for a while, I realized that I could eat a hamburger for lunch and still maintain my lean figure. I am not talking about once in a week occurrence and as a matter of fact I have long been eating whatever I like by simply ordering diet friendly alternatives as a substitute for conventional fast foods.

It wasn’t a pretty journey as I remember, many of my meals even tasting like plastic and rubber. However, after trying a large range of products, I have the perfect menu to suit my taste preferences without hurting my body. The Hamburger offered by Nutrisystem is a frequently ordered item on my menu due to a variety of reasons. Initially I was intrigued on seeing the nutrition facts as it consists merely 8 grams of total fat while providing 14 grams of protein, 5 grams of dietary fiber and 240 calories in a single serving. The ingredients contain a beef patty which has been cooked using beef, textured vegetable protein, isolated oat product, caramel color, seasoning, spices, onion powder, sodium phosphates, salt and water. The whole grain bun consists of whole wheat flour, bleached enriched wheat flour, yeast, soybean oil, monoglycerides with citric acid and ascorbic acid, calcium propionate, calcium sulphate, wheat starch, microcrystalline cellulose, salt and modified food starch. You should still check the detailed ingredients on the website to avoid any allergic reactions.

The Nutrisystem hamburger is included in the Members’ Favorites kit.

How to Prepare it

It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare this meal with the help of a conventional microwave oven. I generally use a normal microwave of 1100 watts to prepare this meal although the main requirement is to heat it to an internal temperature of 140F from frozen state before consumption. To prepare using a microwave, you first need to remove the wrapper and wrap the frozen product using a paper towel. Then put it in the microwave and heat on 100 percent power or HIGH mode for around 90 seconds. After this, you should let it cool down for a minute before enjoying it with your preferred sauces or ketchup. You should adjust the heating time depending on the type and model of your appliance whereas you should be careful while taking out the hot product for cooling.

It looks amazing and tastes great while having a juicy texture. However it is a bit small in size when compared to my preference so I usually pair it with a fruit salad or a low-fat milk shake to get a hearty meal. Mostly I have this meal when I need a quick and delicious lunch. Although this meal is easy to prepare, I find it a bit difficult to add toppings due to the small size of bun. You should definitely give this meal by Nutrisystem a try if you like hamburgers and are on a dieting routine.